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Trails for days with TRS Race Carbon Cranks - Our top-end carbon trail crank is inspired by our World Cup-winning LG1 Race Cranks. 

The Gen 4 TRS Race crank is the strongest trail crank we've ever made. Light enough for featherweight builds yet strong enough for the occasional full-send. Q Factor, overall profile, and volume have been optimized to play well with wider chainstays found on modern trail bikes. 

Additional features include 3mm of adjustable chainline via spacers at the chainring mount location, protective crank boots, lengths down to 165mm, and compatibility with non-boost, boost and super-boost chainlines.

The stealth black/grey will look great on any build or add a Helix Race chainring for a pop of color. Pow!

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Product Spec

non-Boost, Boost, SuperBoost
SL Chainring (-8mm offset) for non-Boost and Boost chainline. UL Chainring (-5mm offset) for SuperBoost chainline.
Stealth Black w/Protective Vinyl
All frames with 73mm BB Shell
Smaller Q Factor, overall profile and volume. Spindle on non-drive side for easier chainguide setup and drivetrain maintenance. Adjustable chainline accommodates non-Boost, Boost, and Super Boost setups. 8mm self-extractor.
Crankset, APS Adjuster, Installation Tools, Crank Boots (x2), Sticker, User Manual
165mm, 170mm, 175mm

We are proud to be the only manufacturer offering Trail cranks in 165mm length to accommodate the ultra-low bottom brackets.
Trail-rated, compacted carbon fiber, with additional 3k added to front and rear faces of crank for impact resistance
Width 73mm

Diameter 30mm

Interface P3 Connect™
165mm, 418g
170mm, 420g
175mm, 425g
Q-FACTOR: 178.2mm

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User manual
How-to install
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