Tire Lever & Plug Repair Kit

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Take the frustration out of flat tires with e*thirteen’s Tire Lever and Plug Repair Kit. This handy and compact tool is a combination of 2 sturdy composite tire levers which encase a tire plug needle and 5x3.5mm self-adhesive plugs.

The levers are multi-purpose engineered. They’re some of the toughest levers on the market, designed for DH casing tire use, act as a comfortable handle for the tire plug needle, making insertion into even the heaviest casing tires a breeze, and include 4 sizes of spoke wrenches, for spoke tension adjustments on the fly.

Kit includes:

2 Composite Tire Levers designed for DH casing tire toughness
• Puncture Plug Needle and 5 extra thick 3.5mm Self-Adhesive Plugs
• 3.23, 3.30, 3.45, 3.96mm Spoke Wrenches
• Levers also act as comfortable handle for Plug Needle

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