Replacement Hub Shell Bearings

Replacement Hub Shell Bearings


Replacement 6804 hub body bearing - Fits drive side TRS/LG1 Race, drive and non-drive side and TRS/LG1 Plus rear hubs, also fits Chub XC front hubs. 

Replacement 6805 hub body bearing - Fits TRS/LG1 Plus and Race front hubs, also fits Chub DH front hubs.

Replacement 6902 hub body bearing - Fits non-drive side TRS/LG1 Race rear hubs, also fits Chub rear SS and track hub.

Replacement 6903 hub body bearing - Fits SL Rear hub shell.

When in doubt, inspect the bearing size marked on your existing bearing seal!

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What's in the box: 1 Bearing - Bearings sold Individually!

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