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Most tubeless tapes have at least one weakness: Either they don't stick well, leave a residue when removed, are too thick or too thin, or they tear during install. Our thoughtfully designed tape balances critical features, and the result is the best tubeless tape we've tested. It stretches for easy installation, provides a double layer of adhesive for maximum adhesion and a snug valve fit, resists tearing, and doesn't leave a residue when removed. Comes in perfect widths for e*thirteen rims.

While our tape has some stretch for ease of installation, we do recommend using a width that is 2mm wider than your rim width to fully cover the rim bed. Our white tape has always been made to directly match your rim width. Our new seafoam color is now available in 30mm and 32mm to give you that extra 2mm where you need it on the most common rim widths. 

This tape is designed specifically for use with MTB tire pressures - Max 50psi with 2 wraps of tape. If you're looking for high pressure tape, have a look at our Gravel Tape

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Product Spec

White logo or Seafoam with logo
MTB - Max PSI 50 with 2 full wraps
Roll of tubeless tape
8m roll tapes 2 wheels with 2 wraps per wheel
40m roll tapes 10 wheels with 2 wraps per wheel
25mm tape: Rims with 23-25mm internal width
28mm tape: Rims with 26-28mm internal width
30mm tape: Rims with 28-30mm internal width
32mm tape: Rims with 30-32mm internal width
35mm tape: Rims with 33-35mm internal width
40mm tape: Rims with 38-40mm internal width

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