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XCX Plus Cassettes are an upgrade for any 11 speed Gravel or XC drivetrain looking for quick shifting and wide range. The 9t cog allows for more range in an overall smaller cassette, which means less weight and faster jumps between gears. Check out the video with Glenn from Rodeo Labs, he explains why the e*thirteen’s cassettes are such a great choice for the Trail Donkey and Flaanimal. 

ALL e*thirteen Cassettes utilize two-piece construction, allowing for individual parts to be replaced as they wear.

XCX Plus 11 Speed Cassettes use 10 steel cogs, and 1 aluminum cog, and the replacement parts are designed for use with 9-34t, 9-39t, and 9-42t XCX Plus Cassettes.

*Hope XD drivers are undersized at the clamp location and require a Cassette Shim Kit 
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Product Spec

Our 9t cog allows for greater range in an overall more compact and lighter drivetrain. Smaller cogs allow for a smaller chainring, improving ground clearance and reducing the amount of chain needed. Less material, less weight.

Aluminum cluster mounts to an XD™ Driver with a 3mm pinch bolt.

Steel cluster mounts to the aluminum with a standard cassette spline tool.

Removes simply with a chainwhip and cassette tool.

Keeps your drivetrain simple and still gives the gear range of a 2X system.

Freehub Mount
XD™ and XDR™ (with supplied shim) Drivers Only
1 aluminum Cog, 10 steel Cogs
9-34T: 378%, 9-39T: 433%, 9-42T: 467%
9-34t: 9,11,13,15,17,19,21,24,27,30,34


9-42t: 9,11,13,15,17,20, 23, 27, 31, 36, 42
9-34T: 279g, 9-39T: 329g, 9-42T: 356g

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