The new Gen 2 All-Terrain Tire is a true “do it all" trail tire.

The All-Terrain tread design combines mixed-terrain capability with minimized rolling resistance and maximum cornering traction. The widely spaced, large knobby tread pattern was engineered to deliver exceptional traction on hardpack and dry conditions while still maintaining positive control in deep loam and the ability to clean mud when needed.

The AT’s sidewall knobs provide a stable and consistent feel during turn in through max lean angle cornering with accordion sipes to increase deformation and improve predictability during extreme lean angles or impacts.

  • Available in three casing types: DH, EN and TR. 

  • Each casing is specific to the structural needs of their experience, and you can mix between front and rear to further tune to your specific needs. 

  • All variations feature puncture resistant nylon breakers under the tread, and tubeless inserts for air retention. 

  • Available in three different compounds: Mopo, Control or Endurance to suit your preference.

  • Choose Mopo Compound for the ultimate soft, tacky grip

  • Choose Endurance Compound for the fast and durable 

  • Choose "Control" compound for an “in between” from Mopo or Endurance. 

  • From short travel trail to full blown downhill rigs, there's an All-Terrain for you.

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Tubeless ready
MOPO: Ultra-tacky, slow rebound tread compound with a harder base compound for better tread wear and faster rolling.

PLUS: Tacky tread compound with a harder base compound for better tread wear and faster rolling.
Apex inserts, tubeless ready, slow-rebound rubber, folding bead. The MOPO version features an Aramid reinforced casing.
Dual Ply 120tpi
Apex Inserts: Maximum cut protection at the bead and sidewall, while also allowing the tread cap to better conform to uneven terrain for more grip and lower rolling resistance.

Aramid Reinforcement: Woven reinforcement on MOPO models better protects against punctures, and increases air retention.
27.5", 29"
LG1 DH MOPO: 1190g, 1260g

LG1 DH PLUS: 1160g, 1225g
TRUE 2.4"

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