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Helix Race 11-Speed 9-46T Cassette Replacement Clusters


Unlike SRAM Eagle, Helix Race cassettes have replaceable gear clusters. That means ongoing service and replacement costs will be less than half that of SRAM cassettes. 

When installing the Helix Race cassette, as with any cassette, we recommend checking chain wear. If your chain shows 0.5% or more wear, you will significantly decrease the wear life of your new cassette. Installing a new chain with your new cluster is a much better and economical solution.

The Intergalactic 46t cluster features PVD finishing is twice as durable as anodized models.

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1 aluminum cog, 10 steel cogs
9-46T: 511%
Aluminum Custer: 46t
Steel Cluster: 9,11,13,15,17,20,24,28,33,39t

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